Just Launched: The Wonderful World of Kelly Wearstler

Just Launched: The Wonderful World of Kelly Wearstler

Bethany Seawright
Sep 23, 2011

Love it or hate it, there's no denying Kelly Wearstler has style. Whether it's print, pizzazz, glitz or glam — you know a Wearstler-designed space when you see one. Yet, while most of us know her for her larger-than-life interiors, she's not stopping there…

This month, Kelly Wearstler unveiled her new clothing line. As a collection, it has all of the texture, pattern and luxury we've come to expect from the designing diva. And this week, she launched a brand new website to showcase all of her glamorous goodness. On it, you'll find an online fashion and accessories shop, an online home shop, her blog and her portfolio — in short, everything Kelly, all in one place. Wearstler worshippers ... rejoice!

1. Remember all of the hoopla over Kelly's outfits on Top Design? Now you can get a piece of the mega-designer's new ready-to-wear collection in her fashion shop.
2. An accessories shop - Given Wearstler's love of metals in her designs, jewelry seems like a natural next step for the designer.
3. The home shop features objects, vases, sculpture, tabletop pieces and beautifully photographed books. The brass knot and brass legs are two of my favorites.
4. From the blog - Wearstler makes a three-dimensional 'vibe tray' for each project. (Love that idea!) Trays are then organized on large work tables in her studio. (Shown - the vibe tray for the living room in a Miami villa.)
5. Kelly's portfolio provides inspiring snapshots of her residential and commercial work. (Shown - BG at Bergdorf Goodman.)

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Images: Kelly Wearstler

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