K9Grass: Artificial Grass Designed for Dogs

K9Grass: Artificial Grass Designed for Dogs

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 30, 2008

Pet Month ends today, so we thought we'd share this West Coast Green find with you as a last hurrah before we head into October.

It's artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

How is it designed specifically for dog, you ask? Well, according to K9Grass website, it's durable and drainable, cleanable, and it has an antimicrobial treatment that prevents odor. Apparently it can withstand the cruel treatment dogs can give grass (i.e., digging and peeing, etc.). And, of course, it doesn't need to be watered or mowed.

We can tell you -- because we bent down and ran our hands through it -- that it does feel shockingly similar to real grass (although not as soft). The blades are made from "textured wide blade Polyethelene and Nylon monofilament with Alphasan." And the City of San Jose even used K9Grass in a new 14,000 sq-foot dog park.

What do you think? Would you ever consider something like this for your yard?

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