Kahlo's Super Cool Lucha Libre Room

Kahlo's Super Cool Lucha Libre Room

Name: Kahlo Roel (10 months)
Location: Houston, Texas
Room Size: 170 sq ft

New mom, Erika, knew she wanted her son's room to be a fun, colorful space. She also knew she wasn't so into the traditional themed nurseries. Taking cues from her husband's Mexican heritage, their love for color, and a suggestion from a friend, the luchador theme was born. We'd say she succeeded in avoiding traditional themes indeed. And she did it with style, fun, and sophistication. She resisted the temptation to overload the room with every lucha libre piece she could find and kept it sweet and light with a bold stroke of humor.

What was your inspiration in designing this room? The luchador theme is awesome. How did you come up with it? We knew that we did not want a typical themed room of elephants, giraffes, or disney characters. Though we don't think any of those themes are horribly wrong, we knew it wasn't for us. We knew that we wanted our kids rooms to be fun and colorful. We decided on primary colors, and seeked advice from one of our talented friends to come up with a storyboard to help us visualize it. My husband is very much into his Mexican heritage and we wanted to carry that over into the design of Kahlos' room. When my girlfriend mentioned using our set of luchadores as a theme for his room, we loved the idea and went with it!

What was your biggest challenge? After deciding on the luchador theme, I went straight to Etsy to look for any kind of luchador decor. Surprisingly, there was a lot more than I imagined. I think the hardest part, and it still is, is holding back from buying anything and everything with a luchador printed on it. I wanted the luchadores to be present in the room but not completely take over. Also, working with our ugly, bland carpet that we are hoping to replace with hardwood soon, but I guess that wasn't really a challenge just something we really don't like!

What is your favorite part of the room? There are really so many things I love about his room. The yellow and white striped blanket my dad made from an Ikea duvet cover, along with the small rugs under the crib that my dad also hand stitched together with a big red X pattern. The blue knitted blanket made by my aunt, it's huge and he spent a lot of time on it as a newborn. There is a small picture of my husband as a baby and a photo I snapped from my hospital bed, of my grandma holding him the day he was born, he was her 16th great grandchild and I love that she was able to meet him.

What is your proudest DIY project? The roman shades, from the tutorial on Little Green Notebook. It's one of the first projects my husband and I worked on together and it was great to see the finished product after a long night. I was very pregnant when we made them, so getting around my growing belly proved to be a challenge, I took a lot of breaks to catch my breath!

Do you have any advice for other parents who are just starting on the nursery design process? Try to incorporate special pieces that have a story behind them or special meaning to you, family photos, buy handmade, and don't buy all the baby furniture they make you believe you need. Also, stay true to your design asthetic. I absolutely love all the sophsiticated nurseries with very neutral colors. They seem so calming and relaxing but I knew that it wouldn't work with the rest of the design of our home. We are still working on decorating our house but all the walls are bright white with pops of color throughout. What can I say, my husband and I both love color in the home and think a kids room shoud be fun and youthful!

El Capitan print: www.scribbleoneverything.com with customized colors.
Keep Calm and Lucha On: Lavita Petite, she also came up with the storyboard for us, and can be seen at www.lavitapetite.wordpress.com
Welcome to Earth print: brought back from Germany from my sister.
Luchador letterpress wrapping paper used as wall art: Viva La Press
Luchador Giraffe: Feltmates - baby shower gift from Dad.
Sketch behind rocking chair: Stephanie Toppin
Dresser/Changing table: Craigslist
Bentwood rocking chair: Craigslist, and had reupholstered.
Vintage red typewriter table: local antique shop.

Thank you, Erika! Be sure to check out Erika's blog at Walk Cool. Lucha on, Kahlo!

(Images: Erika/Walk Cool)

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