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Boston, MA
Inspiration for my palette:
We remodeled our kitchen in 2010 and were on a bit of a tight budget. We finally came up with a plan for the cabinets and counter tops and thought the hard part was over, but then we had to paint the walls. We really wanted to highlight one of our favorite parts, the bamboo countertop, and finally decided a light green really brings out the natural beauty this wood and keeps the kitchen feeling fresh and modern. Also I spend most of my time in this room, and I'm partial to green.
Colors used in my room:
Benjamin Moore Pale Avocado and Bright White (gloss) for trim.
Tips for using color successfully:
Apartments can be limited on sunshine, so I really try to help maximize the brightness with lighter colors. I'm still a fan of warmer, darker, richer tones, so I try to add those colors in as accents wherever I can.
Natural Fresh