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St. Paul, MN
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love that my small studio is a direct reflection of my personality and taste. It is a cozy retreat in the midst of a busy and chaotic city. After a long working day, I can come home and relax in comfort with my greyhound, Bullet. Over the 3 years I have lived here I have collected both cheap thrifts and expensive keepsakes to surround myself with. Everything in my home, from my sofa to my decor pieces, are things I truly love and cherish; they are things I saved up money for and put a lot of thought into. As my best friend says, "Everything in your apartment is so you!" and I love it that way.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. Use the space you have to your best ability. I have a murphy bed that came with my apartment that I do not use because I already had a bed. I use it to store all of my bedding and out of season clothing. I am able to take advantage of my very tall ceilings by storing vertically.
2. Take time and put thought into the things you bring into your home. It can be frustrating when you try to think about putting your home together in one swoop. My home took years to get to this point and I know in the years to come it will progress even more. You have to live with the things you buy for your home, so make sure you truly love them and that they reflect who you are!
3. I have separated my studio apartment into different areas so that it doesn't feel like one big space. I did so using area rugs and by placing pieces of furniture together that make sense. The dresser is next to the bed. The sofa is in the middle of my space, creating a room divider.
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