Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: New Door + Dust Storms

Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: New Door + Dust Storms

Tess Wilson
Aug 11, 2015

Name: Karin and Jeff
Type of Project: Main Bathroom Remodel
Type of Home: Single-family home built in 1967
Square Footage: 1,800
Years Lived In: 2.5

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In this week's installment, Karin valiantly battles drywall dust, a new closet door is installed, and a genius hidden charging station plan is put into effect...

The previous cabinet was inaccessibly long and skinny, but now it is a wide and shallow closet.
Trying to keep up with the drywall dust as the opening for the door is cut from the other side.

From Karin and Jeff:

Week 3 began with a slow start - absolutely nothing was accomplished for several days while we were out of town. Our carpenter friend came over when we got back to install the new closet door. The door was installed on a structural wall, so I'm glad we had his expertise to frame and support everything correctly.
Piecing in the hardwood to match the existing floor. We plan to reuse the laundry chute door as an access panel for the shower valves.
Our hoarding tendencies paid off, as we had saved scrap pieces from the oak floor installation two years ago that were fairly easy to piece in. The new little closet floor is now sanded and ready for poly, then the walls are ready to finish and add shelves. Even though it's a tiny closet, I'm so excited to finish it and have more useful storage than before; I think I'm disproportionately excited about this relatively small part of the project. Side note: before anybody gets sad about the loss of the laundry chute where the new door now stands, it actually ended right on top of the water heater. Not great planning.
Drywall complete! The slightly higher outlet is intended to go inside the medicine cabinet so chargers can be plugged in without cords showing.
The tub is ready for waterproofing and tile.
My brother and I got the drywall hung in just a few hours and I installed the cement board for the shower. My plan is to use a paint-on waterproofing membrane over the cement board, which will hopefully be coming up soon.
One more coat of mud and sanding, then ready for paint!
Sanding drywall - probably my least favorite way to spend time.
The last couple days of week 3 were spent mudding and taping - something I kind of like, although I really hate the sanding part. One more coat of mud then we are ready for primer, paint, and the floor to go in. For such a small room, there are certainly a lot of time-consuming steps! I'm hoping next week we'll start to see some finished surfaces and the light at the end of the renovation tunnel.

Estimated time for project: 7 weeks

Time remaining: 4 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Karin and Jeff)

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