Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: The Ultimate Tile-Cutting Workout

Karin & Jeff's Bathroom Reno: The Ultimate Tile-Cutting Workout

Tess Wilson
Aug 14, 2015
Cutting tile and getting a great calf workout.

Name: Karin and Jeff
Type of Project: Main Bathroom Remodel
Type of Home: Single-family home built in 1967
Square Footage: 1,800
Years Lived In: 2.5

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Karin and Jeff's bathroom is really coming together, thanks to tile-leveling clips, leftover paint and primer, and two very helpful puppies...

Sanded, mudded, and ready for paint and waterproofing.
The paint-on waterproofing membrane.

From Karin:

Week 4 was a week of accomplishments! I got the walls primed and painted, the cement board taped and waterproofed, the tile underlayment down, and the floor tile installed. It was a busy week!
Some of the paint and primer found in our stash. Yay for not needing to buy more!
I was able to do a lot of "shopping" in the basement from past projects and found a number of supplies - we had just enough leftover paint and primer to cover the small bathroom and closet, as well as floor tile and plenty of grout. I made a couple runs to the home improvement store to pick up a few supplemental items and was happy for the smaller checkout total than I was anticipating.
Tile underlayment going down.
"Are we helping?"
After the tile underlayment went down, I let my curious puppies in to check out the progress - they thought the orange floor was pretty fantastic. Sadly for them, it was only temporary.
I arrived at a tile layout that seemed logical (hiding the skinny tiles under the vanity) and got all the pieces cut. Now, let me take a moment to discuss my love-hate relationship with this tile. I really like the look of 12"x24" tile and when I found this gray tile in stock at a local store I knew it was the one. I first used it a couple projects ago and naively thought that the floor would go quickly with such large tiles. It most certainly does not!
Tile installation.
Thank you, tiling leveling clips!
I instantly learned tiles this large are very difficult to install perfectly flat with each other, especially if the tiles themselves aren't flat (which these are not). I did try using tile leveling clips for the first time and it made the project much easier - worth every penny!
Ready for grout.
The floor just needs grout and we can get going on finishing the tub surround and the rest of the room. I can't wait to be done!

Estimated time for project: 7 weeks

Time remaining: 3 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Karin and Jeff)

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