KATA Multimedia Backback

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Technology consumers have been on a backpack kick lately. The Backpack Boomobox's portable iPod dock and speakers and the laptop-carrying Incase Sling Pack are just two of the trends covered on Unplggd. But if you're a techie-on-the-move who has much more to carry than just an iPod or a laptop, check out the KATA Multimedia Backpack.

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KATA is a company that has been producing storage gear for police and fire units and television crews for years, so you know your gear is in good hands. The KATA Multimedia Backpack, about $180, has a place for nearly everything you could need to carry. Laptop, camcorder, digital camera, batteries, calculators, PDA, cell phone and an iPod? Sure. Plus you can listen to your tunes while your 'Pod is safely stowed away through the earphone wire port. The backpack is divided into two compartments for easy organization. But should you need to store a larger item, the divider is easily removed.

It's made of tear-resistant fabric, is hugely padded and is water splash proof. Your stuff ain't goin' noplace, hunny!

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