Kate's January Cure: My Third Week

January Cure Diaries

Some of my days were more productive than others this past week, and I definitely veered off task a few times, but overall I am feeling pretty good: as I look around my apartment, there is visual proof that I am making some progress.

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Day 9: Create a Landing Strip.
When I moved into my apartment a little over a year ago, the landing strip was one of the first areas I set up, so I took a much deserved night off. As you can see, I hung an old coat rack above a bench that doubles as extra seating when needed. The coats and accessories I'm not wearing at the moment get stored in the closet adjacent to my front door.

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Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project.
As I mentioned last week, I had a mold problem around my bathtub and it was high time to learn how to recaulk it. I can report back that it was a success: The mold is gone and my bathroom feels cleaner and brigher. For those of you who want to learn how to recaulk your own bathtub, you can find a tutorial I created here.

Day 11: Try a Media Fast.
When I got home last Wednesday night, my initial reaction was to reach for my computer and phone, but then I got busy making dinner. I enjoyed a home cooked meal, a couple of hours reading on my couch, and a good night's sleep. Thinking I might institute a media fast one night a week so I can enjoy a night "off".

Day 12: Declutter Books & Media.
I am not much of a media hoarder, but I did have a stack of old cd's laying around from who knows how long. I finally added them to my iTunes and tossed the cd's into my outbox.

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Day 13: Weekend Chores: Flowers and Bedroom Cleaning.
Given that my bedroom is not much bigger than a breadbox, I found myself with some extra time on my hands this past weekend. Earlier in the week I got a call that my framed photograph was ready for pickup, so inspired by Nancy's recent post on gallery walls, I got to work on creating my own in the living room. I used a combination of artwork and objects, and I am stoked at how it turned out.

Whooo. Week 3 is done and the end is in sight. I am looking forward to tackling a few more projects, and then celebrating with some friends and a cocktail. Any highlights from this past week? I am still excited about my newly framed picture of my mama.

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(Images: Kate Legere)