Katie's "Size Doesn't Matter" Basement Home Theater

Katie Richardson's basement home theater just goes to show that you don't need a McMansion to set up a sweet home theater. Katie's underground entertainment room utilizes every square inch for her home entertainment needs, complete with a front projection system and even a velvet rope!

Katie uses a Sharp XR-11XC DLP projector to beam out movies on the wall from her Sony Blu-Ray player.

"When I was researching home theaters back in 2006, I kept reading that it's a good idea to get everything set up and get a good feel for it, and THEN figure out your screen (since they can be so expensive). So, that's what I did," Katie writes to Unplggd. "As it turned out, the shade of white that my basement just happened to be painted worked perfectly. I left it at that, and had the rest of the room (and ceiling) painted a chocolate brown. There's still some white area on the sides of the "screen" that I want to go back and paint brown now that I know the picture will never go wider than what you see in the photos (because of how my projector displays)."

She's been pumping audio out of basic L/R speakers and subwoofer, but recently upgraded to an Onkyo HT-S3200 surround sound system.

Images: Katie Richardson