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Staunton, VA
Inspiration for my palette:
In my last apartment, I wasn't allowed to paint, so when I moved to this place and found out I could, I kind of went crazy with it. This room — the living room — was the first place I painted, and I did it within about a month of living here.

I couldn't figure out what to do with the place, but knew I loved this light blue color. I think it's mostly because it's just such a happy, funky color — kind of retro, but modern and fun at the same time. So I just told myself to stop thinking so much, paint the damn room, and the rest will come. And it has!
Colors used in my room
The room is painted in Valspar's Sprinkle — it's a light blue robin's egg type color. The coffee table is painted Valspar's Toasted Wheat, with a herringbone texture on top. Other yellows, such as golden and mustard tones, are repeated throughout the room, in addition to deep greens, turquoises and dark purple.
Tips for using color successfully
I think you just have to kind of go with your gut and find pieces you love, and hope they'll come together. In my case, the things I love about my favorite pieces in the room are the color! I started with the wall color, and when I found my crazy tropical floral curtains at World Market, I fell in love with them. A couple weeks later, I found the mustard-colored armchair at a thrift store — I feel like those three things are really the core of the room, and they're my favorite. From there, I just kept adding on, and it turned out I found a bunch of objects I love that go with the blue/yellow/purple/green colors. This room is my favorite place in my apartment, and it's because of the color!
Funky Vintage

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