Keep Bugs At Bay With Cup Covers

Keep Bugs At Bay With Cup Covers

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 27, 2011
Summertime is full of outdoor fun, games, parties and more. Along with that comes a healthy dose of bugs which are particularly attracted to sugary drinks that smell oh so sweet. Check out this clever craft that both keeps track of whose cup is whose and puts the kabash on our winged friends.

These cup covers are fun for a party, family get-together or even just siblings who always insist that someone drank from their cup! They'd be easy to make in bulk with a few minutes of tv time or a good album on the stereo. Keep them packed up for later, or put them to use at your next outdoor bash.

Want to see how they're made? Check out the full tutorial at Paper Source and make sure to show us your handiwork when you're through!

(Image: Paper Source)

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