(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Color Combos. Designers spend years of their lives studying colors and color combinations (making the practice look way too easy, in our opinion). And from experience, we've definitely chosen the wrong pink with the wrong mustard. As the Cure talks about: a short cut to finding colors that look great together is to use designer rugs (or wallpaper or paintings) as cheat sheets for finding great ready-made color families.

Angela Adams is basically a genius when it comes to marrying hues. And lucky us, she sells yarn cards for most of her rug designs. These cards are essentially cheat sheets for finding all the individual colors she's used to make up each rug and its color family. So browse and find some inspiration. You don't need the yarn card to borrow the colors (it just helps). After all, from peacock blue and lime green to apricot and aubergine, the relationship between colors in a room can make us drool, make us relax, or keep us focused (oh yeah, or run screaming).