Keep It Separated: Designating Areas

Keep It Separated: Designating Areas

Grace Shu
Mar 19, 2009

A friend has recently signed a lease for a huge--and we mean HUGE--work/live loft space...But now that he's actually in there, he's having a really difficult time figuring what goes where. In fact, the only definitive areas in this empty shell is the kitchen area and a small industrial bathroom next to it. So how does one decide what to put where when there's no walls and no closets?

Here's the floorplan to his new home:

Pretty bare, isn't it? So many possibilities! We're thinking that the area to the right of the kitchen (furthest from the main left entry) be the bedroom area which he can section off with tall shelving units--sort of like Alex's awesome DIY Ikeahack solution that serves as a wall and a wardrobe. And it seems safe to say that the dining area will be directly in front of the kitchen, separating the work and live areas.

The other issue? Making sure that his work area doesn't deter from his home. Since he's the owner of a clothing label, he always has an insane amount of samples stored in boxes and put on shelves:

The last thing he (or anyone, really) wants to see after a hard day is the back of 50+ cardboard boxes while eating dinner or watching a movie...or entertaining a female guest...

Got any suggestions on how to divide the loft and room-dividing solutions? Share it with us in the comments!

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