Keep It Simple, Be Patient: Advice For Creating a Warm & Livable Home

What are the secrets behind the homes of the folks featured in Apartment Therapy Tours — homes that are always welcoming, comfortable and invigorating? We got inspired by the great advice shared by folks with real homes this week. And we've put the best bits here to peruse, bookmark, absorb and enjoy.

Look at and live in

"Design and decorate your space to be lived in rather than simply looked at."

From Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft

Keep it simple (and be patient)

Keep it simple and surround yourself with things you love. Be patient. I think it takes a lifetime to get it just right.

From Heather's Sunny San Francisco Space

Focus on function

Remember to focus on the function of the space you are working with. Let the space itself dictate what you do with it rather than the items you want to cram into it.

From Candice and Jason's Colorful, Light Filled Apartment

Practical: Bring in professionals when the budget allows

Hire professionals for the biggest expenses as your budget allows; that way the construction will stand the test of time.

From Jane & Dan's Multifunctional Live/Work Studio

Practical: Always Assume More

When you're estimating how long a project will take, add 40% to your best guess, and recognize ahead of time that you're going to need to make at least one extra trip to the hardware store.

From Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft

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(Image credits: Jacqueline Marque; Alexis Buryk; Theresa Gonzalez; Kim Lucian)