Keep Small Garden Tools Clean With A Bread Pan

Keep Small Garden Tools Clean With A Bread Pan

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 1, 2011

Over the years I've heard many a pro gardener swear by keeping large buckets of sand in their garage to help keep tools clean. That's great advice if you happen to have garage or a large assortment of tools.

If you only keep a few tools on hand, this quick tip is a great way to keep them tidy!

Although Martha has the right idea with a small bread pan of sand, try adding 2 tablespoons of motor oil to the mix. Stir until it's all mixed; it will be just enough to keep your tools lubricated and dirt free while keeping rust at bay. Where do you keep your tools in a small space? Outside? Under the kitchen sink? Sock drawer? Share your ideas in the comments below!

(Image: Martha Stewart)

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