Natural Solutions for Keeping Animals Off Your Lawn

Natural Solutions for Keeping Animals Off Your Lawn

Abby Stone
Sep 3, 2008

atla-090308-lawndog.jpgLetting your own animals scamper on your grass is one thing but if you live in an area where other people's pets consider your lawn their own personal way station, the result can be a ruined lawn and a bad temper. We'd love to think that a well placed sign asking pet owners to keep their animals off your lawn would do the trick but that is not always the case. For those times, you might want to try some of these natural solutions...

  • Cayenne Pepper: Sprinkle it generously all over your lawn or flowerbeds. Reapply weekly.
  • White Vinegar: Spray it around the perimeter of your lawn as a chemical fence. You can also mix it with the cayenne pepper to create a spray with a double whammy.
  • Horse Manure: It's not only good for improving your lawn but for keeping dogs away. Sprinkle generously over your lawn. Reapply as needed.
  • Mothballs: Crush them and sprinkle them over your lawn.

[Image: HereInVanNuys]

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