How To: Keep a Duvet in Place

We know, it's so Martha to do this.. but having had duvets for years, we used to be no strangers to reaching up and inside the duvet cover each morning to straighten out the comforter which always got bunched up during the night. So a couple of years ago we made a simple modification that eliminated wrangling with this and now making the bed is a 5 second science.. (and yes, with Wes and Kayla's Tuck/Drape survey, this looks like duvet day on AT Boston!)

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It can be easier to shake out a duvet with another person, but it's not always possible. Especially when you're teaching an 8-year old to "make the bed himself". So, on advice from the mom of a European friend, we stitched two pieces of twill tape to each of the corners of the duvet cover. When putting our duvet inside its cover, we take a second to tie the ribbons around the corners of the duvet. Because the duvet doesn't shift anymore, we can fluff it with a quick shake, and on days we crawl back into bed the comforter hasn't all migrated to the middle. (FYI, we love Laure's easy system on getting the comforter into its cover here).

If you're not one for a needle and thread, there are also easy-on/easy-off comforter clips that do the same trick. What about you, AT readers? Do you have any tips on keeping a duvet in place?

Pic 1: Martha Stewart