Our Favorite Twitter and App.net Clients for Tablet Users

Our Favorite Twitter and App.net Clients for Tablet Users

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 15, 2013

021513_TwitterADNApps 001.jpgOne of the questions friends ask when they get a new tablet is about how to access their favourite social networks. While they can just use the built-in browser, apps specifically built for the tablet are usually superior. With Twitter the experience using it will vary greatly depending on the client (even on the desktop) and so in this week's roundup we will look at Twitter client picks (as well as App.net) for the iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets.

021513_TwitterADNApps 002.jpgiPad
Tweetbot: Out of the various Twitter clients that I've used on the iPad, Tweetbot is my favourite. Why do I like Tweetbot? Solid gestures, clean timelines, Pocket support, and great syncing of my timeline position with my iPhone. Tweetbot is the app that actually converted me into a more frequent user of Twitter as I found the experience of using Twitter in the browser to be lacking and a total chore. $2.99

021513_TwitterADNApps 003.jpgApp.net
Netbot: Seeing as I like Tweetbot so much, it's no surprise that my favourite App.net client for the iPad is basically the App.net version of Tweetbot, Netbot, also made by Tapbots. Ignore the reviews from people who are trying to use this app with Twitter or who are complaining that App.net costs money, and focus instead of those from App.net users who use this app. All of the features that I like about Tweetbot are present in Netbot, and I've yet to find an App.net client for the iPad that I like more. Free

021513_TwitterADNApps 004.jpgAndroid
Plume: This delightful Twitter client comes from the team behind Beautiful Widgets, LevelUp Studio, so it's easy to see where the design sense for this app's widgets come from. Support for multiple Twitter accounts, autocomplete for hashtags and usernames, as well as url shortening support makes this a smart, fully featured Twitter tablet client for Android and it's the one that I use daily on my Nexus 7. Free, $4.99

021513_TwitterADNApps 005.jpgApp.net
Robin: Robin was quickly suggested to me when I inquired about an App.net client with a solid native Android tablet experience. After using it I can understand why it has such devoted fans and I have yet to find another App.net client that looks as great and works as well on the Nexus 7. Although this app is still in beta, it has many of the features you'd imagine an App.net client to have as well as nifty things like the ability to beam users or conversations to other devices. $1.99

021513_TwitterADNApps 006.jpgWindows 8
Rowi: While I'm not personally a fan of the dark backgrounds, it is my preferred Twitter client for Windows 8. Rowi takes advantage of the integration Windows 8 has across apps and services and is a solid choice for those who want a Twitter experience that's perfect for touchscreen devices on Windows 8. It's clean, simple, and has good inline image support and best of all, it's free. Free

021513_TwitterADNApps 007.jpgApp.net
MetroAppNet: Admittedly the picks for Windows 8 tablets in this category are pretty slim, but out of the available options, this is the one I return to when I want to use App.net on my Surface. Although it's not going to win any prizes for its looks, this app lets you do pretty much everything you need to on App.net and has a snap view of your stream which is pretty handy. Free

(Top Image: Joelle Alcaidinho, all others as linked above)

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