Some bugs may be pests and this is the time of year when the creepies literally start crawling out of the woodwork, but we must admit to having an affinity for the simultaneously gross and beautiful which insects represent. Here are 5 ways to bring bugs into your home, hopefully without freaking out your human housemates.

1. Metallic Blue Longhorn Beetle and many other insect specimens available from Evolution, $219 framed
2. Glaucopis Polymena print, part of Donovan's Insects of China, $195 at Panteek
3. Prairie Gothic fabric, by Jane Sassaman, $13.99/yard
4. Giant Moth silkscreen twill pillow by Utilitarian Franchise, $30
5. Dinnerware by Laura Zindel at Blackbird, Beetle Bread and Butter Plate $28, Bighead Fly Espresso Cup and Saucer, $42