Keeping the Water Clean: Simple Home Gardening Tips

Keeping the Water Clean: Simple Home Gardening Tips

Amber Byfield
Mar 25, 2009

03_25_09_watertips.jpgHere in Austin, taking care of the environment is at the top of the to-do list. We're quite proud of all the city's efforts, especially because helpful information tends to circulate quickly.

With one of their newest campaigns, the city is reminding at-home gardeners--and anyone with a lawn--of the best practices to keep the land and water clean and fruitful.

"The Big 3" is a way to remember that what you put on your lawn or garden affects area creeks and lakes--and not just the water, but everything that lives in it. Their advice is good for anyone in any city, so read on.

According to Austin's community site about green gardening....

1. Don't over-fertilize. Instead, fertilize moderately, mow your grass high, and water deeply.

2. Just kill the bad guys. Since 95% of bugs are not pests, don't use something that will kill the innocent along with the offenders. Or, don't kill them at all; in some gardens, once the bugs devour a specific plant, it's time to plant something different in its place. You can avoid some pests by sticking with native plants.

3. Accept a few weeds. Weed killers are bad for the water supply and the ecosystems that rely on area creeks. So instead of spreading an herbicide, pluck weeds out by hand and toss aside.

Be sure to root around on the site for more green gardening tips. It's good advice, no matter where you live!

Image from the City of Austin outreach brochure.

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