Keeping Things in Perspective

Keeping Things in Perspective

Richard Popovic
Mar 21, 2012

To be honest, when this project was submitted I initially passed it over. A post on simple shelves made from common hardware store brackets and laminated particle board did not command my attention. But when I took the time to read it, I realized that I was missing the point. The fact that these shelves were as plain as can be was the point.

If you have ever perused Corner Blog, you know Tiffanie has a good eye and a flair for the dramatic. But this particular post is most impressive because it displays her ability to tame the impulse to invest time and money in perfectly customizing every inch of her living space, because she can remember one simple fact: it is not hers. She is renting her San Francisco apartment, and while she has definitely put her personal stamp on it (as evidenced by the tour of her daughter's room we featured last year), she knows that her family will not be there forever.

Tiffanie sums it up perfectly: 'Although I dream of one day outfitting our kitchen in salvaged items that we hand pick ourselves, or in beautiful custom cabinetry that I design, it matters to me less what the shelf is made from than what is put upon it. No?'

I believe these are words that we, the design obsessed, should keep in mind and take to heart.

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(Images: Tiffanie Turner/Corner Blog)

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