Kelly's Lush Urban Alley

Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #14

Name: Kelly D.
Location: Seattle, Washington
Size: 210 square feet

Your Favorite Thing About Your Outdoor Space: I forget that I am in the middle of the city in my tiny slice of green.

Biggest Design Challenge With This Space: To make a 7' x 30' alley not look like a bowling alley and utilize native Northwest plants that would thrive in the tiny slice of light that this narrow Seattle garden receives.

Tips for Creating a Great Small Outdoor Space: 1) Look to big gardens for inspiration - Great ideas can be scaled down and have the same big impact, and 2) Take advantage of the structural constraints of your space - Make them your backdrop, not your limitation, and 3) Small outdoor spaces usually come with small homes - Make your outdoor space another room to expand your living space.

Thanks, Kelly, and good luck!

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