DIY Keyboard Thumbtacks Keep Your Bulletin Board in Tech Style

As soon as you're done making a coffee sack into an office board, you're gonna find that you need DIY thumbtacks that are just as thrify and green. And if they can show off your nerd-like adoration of the world of technology, then that's all the better. We spotted these keyboard thumbtacks on Instructables. The DIY is super easy...

User noahw got all into the project and actually shaved down the size of the keys to get them to the perfect push pin size, but all you really need to get this going is a bunch of old keyboard keys, some map-style push pins (the ones with the small round heads, and a hot glue gun. Really, it's a no-brainer.

Why don't you make yourself a bunch and tack your homemade artsy propaganda poster to your coffee sack bulletin board?