KeyMe: Never Be Locked Out Again

KeyMe: Never Be Locked Out Again

Gregory Han
Jun 26, 2013

There he is, a cute old digital locksmith, waiting at one of five, self-service kiosks inside select 7-Eleven stores around Manhattan. With 3 million cases of New Yorkers requiring the aid of an emergency locksmith annually at around $150 a call, the KeyMe kiosk aims to help more conveniently and affordably. 

The kiosk can create a duplicate key for $19.99 and stores the digital copy for free for future keys, available for an additional $3.49 per copy. Fingerprint identification and email notification add a layer of security, much safer than the "key under the doormat" routine.

More information about KeyMe at their website.

Live outside of Manhattan and need a new key? Plan in advance of misplacing a key and check out Shloosl, a key duplication service which converts digital photos taken with your phone into brand new keys sent back by mail. 

Via Refinery29

(Image: KeyMeShloosl)

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