Kick the Cabin Fever: 24 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Indoor Play

If you're one of the unlucky ones to be caught in the middle of the Polar Vortex, odds are that you're suffering from a bit of cabin fever. And with kids that can become a real problem. If you're on a tight budget like me, new toys and trips to Gymboree are simply not an option. I've rounded up 24 budget-friendly ideas from our archives for keeping your little ones entertained indoors while you ride out the rest of this winter season:

  1. Create an Indoor Gym - Swinging Rings, a Small Trampoline, or a Rock Wall
  2. 5 DIY Toys You Can Make with Cardboard
  3. Daily Activity Bags
  4. 15 More Toys You Can Make with Cardboard
  5. Forts Tents & Other Indoor Playspaces
  6. 10 Fun Toys You Can Make
  7. Create a Play City from Washi Tape or a Simple Cardboard Box
  8. Make Washi Tape Train Tracks, a Table Fort, or a Doorway Puppet Theater
  9. Create an Indoor Hopscotch Game
  10. Build a Simple Indoor Swing
  11. Cabin Fever Cures: Indoor Games for Kids
  12. DIY City Play Mat
  13. 20 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy Indoors on a Cold Day
  14. An Indoor Swing for Renters
  15. 5 Creative DIY Games
  16. Create a Quick Play Kitchen
  17. How to Build an Indoor Fort
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  19. Winter Activities: Fun with Ice
  20. 10 Darling DIY Toys
  21. Pretend Play - 5 Ideas for DIY Dress Up
  22. Doodling Fun: Dry Erase Activity Book
  23. Make Your Own Stamps
  24. Toys You Can Make with Cardboard

So how about you? How have you been keeping your little ones entertained this winter season?

(Image credits: Fun at Home with Kids)