Kickin' Cutlery: David Mellor

Email from 6.17.08

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Most modern flatware sucks. It's usually TOO minimal or too weird to be acceptable at any normal table. After all, we don't want to make a big statement with our flatware; we want something simple that works and doesn't remind us of our grandmother...

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A few years ago I stumbled upon our latest set, Knifeforkspoon by Jasper Morrison, which has become a staple in our house, and yesterday I stumbled upon a brand new source, a British elder, who really gives Jasper a run for his money: David Mellor. This may just lead to next year's Christmas present.

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David Mellor CBE RDI is an important British designer who I'd never heard of before, but if you want his whole bio and why he has those large letters next to his name, click here. More importantly, he was trained as a silversmith, has a great modern eye and a lovely collection of cutlery. I like these two: London and Minimal. Made of stainless steel, with smooth edges and comfortable shapes, these are lovely, but all of the rest are worth checking out too.

>> David Mellor Design
>> Heath Ceramics (Online US seller)

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Provençal Black

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