Kickstarter: Helping Sustainable Design Grow

Kickstarter: Helping Sustainable Design Grow

Michelle Chin
Jul 28, 2011

So many of us have what seem like amazingly creative or innovative ideas to fill a known gap in the world. But, how do you get the capital to realize the dream? Kickstarter has become a great way to get funding from friends, family and supporters to get your project off the ground!

I have to say, I was skeptical at first. Getting emails about "donate to my amazing cause" show up in my inbox by the dozens, but I stopped to take a look at one in particular because I was surprised it came from an alumnus of my art school, Dario Antonioni, who is also a successful furniture designer. Intrigued, I actually took the time to read more about his project that is currently up for funding: Botanist Minimal - A Modern Bench.

As I browsed further, I saw that the projects span the gamut of local, community-based projects, to those with a more global reach. It's humbling and inspiring to read about the passion behind these diverse projects.

Here are a few of the successfully funded projects with a sustainable or eco-friendly mission:

Nationwide Sustainable Flower CSA
- Becky Devlin is turning her Virginia flower farm into a nationwide community supported agriculture cooperative. By selling "shares" in the farm, each pledge buys a charter membership in the CSA. The donations ranged from $10 to $500. At the higher end of the spectrum, members were entitled to as many as 50 bouquets of flowers of the member's choice.

2. Food Security Academy for Youth in the Lower Ninth Ward - Our School at Blair Grocery is using their 1 acre farm to teach 30 at-risk youth sustainable community development and urban farming techniques. The money will go towards fruit trees, vegetable seeds, soil, chickens, pigs and new beehives.

3. Open Source Lion Tracking Collars - A joint project amongst Justin Downs of GRND Labs, the Lion Guardians Program and the Living with Lions research group, this project is creating an open source wildlife tracking collar to help track the 2000 lions that remain in Kenya.

Unconditional Companion
- A feature length documentary by John Fleenor that journeys into the lives of homeless people and their pets. This one hasn't reached its funding goal yet, but has 24 hours to go...

(Image: Kickstarter)

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