Kid Couch Makeover

A small couch makes a nice landing pad and reading lounge for toddlers and young children, but finding an attractive one, especially one not emblazoned with cartoon characters is next to impossible.

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And Jess (of The Adventures of Rory and Jess) didn't find one either. But she did get a Dora couch free from a friend and transformed it into something beautiful for her daughter. You can see more photos and read about her project here (and check out this gorgeous quilt she made to complement the couch). As her friend, the original Dora couch owner, said: "I knew when you went home with the couch that you would turn it into something better. Can I have it back now?"

You can also see Jess' sewing talents at her Etsy shop, bits for babies.

(Via Fun Finds for Mom)

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