Kid-Created Bubble Art

Kid-Created Bubble Art

Richard Popovic
Aug 10, 2012

A warm summer day is the perfect time for kids to blow bubbles. It is also a great time to take on new craft projects to ward off boredom. Bringing the two activities together may not seem like an obvious pairing, but you've got to love the end result when these worlds collide.

Holly at Life as a Thrifter has done it again. By adding food coloring to a bunch of small bubble containers and aiming her daughter at a blank white canvas, she (and her daughter, of course) has created a wonderful and truly unique piece of art. True to form, Holly did all of this for next to nothing by buying and old framed painting at a thrift store and painting both the frame and the canvas white. This is one piece of kids art that is destined to be displayed somewhere other than the front of the fridge.

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(Image: Life as a Thirfter)

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