This morning was another of those daily struggles: daddy running late, little girl with absolutely no interest in rushing, or even finding her boots, and mom with no idea if they had everything they needed for the day when they ran out the door. Solving things in the morning is not an option.

But a new year is the perfect time to start some new patterns. My girl is just turning 4, and it's definitely time to start including calendars and lists into our routine. She's always asking what day it is, or what we're doing on that particular day. Here are some kid-friendly calendar ideas to help us get started.

  1. Perpetual Calendar DIY on Bread and Buttons
  2. Today Is Calendar by Alma's Designs
  3. Coloring Calendar by Be Happy Now
  4. DIY Erasable Calendar Board on Ten June blog
  5. Monthters Printable Calendar on Mr. Printables