Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day: Tattoos, Toast + More

Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day: Tattoos, Toast + More

Tess Wilson
Feb 10, 2012

By the time you get to be an adult, Valentine's Day can become fraught with pressure & expectations- but when you're a little kid, it's so simple! Your mom makes heart-shaped pancakes, you hand out Muppet Babies Valentines at school, and that's it. Recapture that magic and show your kids (or the kids in your life) you adore them- no pressure, just sweet fun.

  • If there's one thing I know kids love, it's temporary tattoos. I also know there's nothing cuter than a 3-year-old discussing his "tatts", so temporary tattoos are the gift that give back. Tattly has created a Valentine's Day set so your kid can be the coolest kid in school- either because he's covered in cool tattoos, or because he's giving them to all his classmates. That's street cred.
  • Valentine's Day is a great time to discuss love and romance in kid-friendly terms, but it's also a chance to chat about science! She'll be getting plenty of conversation hearts at school, so why not give her an anatomically correct plush beating heart from ThinkGeek? (Also, did anyone see the episode of New Girl in which Jess gave her boyfriend the fuzzy, beating heart? Priceless.)
  • The Giant Gummy Bear, also from Fred Flare, could also spark some scientific dialogue when you find it half-eaten in your child's room in May. I picture it tangled in socks and covered pebbles, hosting a happy colony of ants. His very own Valentine's Day ecosystem!
  • And let your kids know from an early age how lovable geeks and nerds can be with the Pink Nerd Domo In Love plush.
  • Start the day off right with love-filled toast, made using the Love On Toast Stamp from Fred Flare. Kids find this toast technology magical & irresistible...and by kids, I mean me.
  • I love any excuse to buy kids books, and there are some sweet love stories out there. And Tango Makes Three from Simon & Schuster is the story of two penguins in love, and the family they make.
  • Jonathan & Martha from Phaidon tells the tale of two worms who find love (and discover the joy of generosity) in a pear. Come to think of it, doesn't sharing a pear with a loved one sound like the perfect Valentine's Day?

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