Los Angeles is extremely diverse and it's no surprise that LA kid's bedrooms run the design gamut too. But there are some common themes: a focus on art, bright colors and a certain boldness in design. See for yourself, here are ten nurseries and kid's rooms belonging to young Angelenos. 


  1. Lulu's Art-Filled Dogtown Digs (Santa Monica)
  2. Michael's Playful Room To Grow (Venice)
  3. Elsa's DIY & Vintage Nursery (Echo Park)
  4. EM's Loteria-Inspired Nursery
  5. Leo & Luke's Orange Vision (Wilshire Center)


6. Chico's Vintage Game Room
7. My Room: Ellia Marin
8. Ella's Chic Nursery (Sherman Oaks)
9. Benicio's Intrepid Explorer Nursery (Silver Lake)
10. Romeo's Modern Rustic Room

(Images: as credited in original posts)