KidCo Food Mill

KidCo Food Mill

Carrie McBride
Jun 7, 2007

Making your own baby food may be easier and quicker than you think. Whether you're starting from scratch or are pureeing food you've prepared for the rest of the family, the KidCo Food Mill is a simple way to give your baby healthy, fresh food.

If you're already inclined to make your own baby food, you may find using a hand-cranked mill simpler than a food processor - it requires no batteries or electricity and can be easily cleaned in the sink or dishwasher. If you can't imagine having the time to do this, consider transforming some of the food you've already made for yourself into a texture safe for baby. The mill strains and purees food as well as separates out seeds. It's tough enough to handle meat in addition to vegetables and grains.

Available with a carrying case, the Food Mill is portable to restaurants or on vacation. It's not expensive, $15, and is also a potential money saver. See it here.

Readers, do you make your own baby food and is it worth it?

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