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Modern design for modern kids. We heard about Kid-O from a friend with twins who drools every time she walks by the store. Kid-O seems to bring out this kind of intense emotion. While some parents find it "unaffordable" and "impractical", others rave about this unique hotspot for educational, chic, modern design.

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Our tippee told us that Kid-O was just the "most beautiful new children's store" she had seen. We took this to mean that it wasn't just plastic toys and Elmo dolls. We were right. This is VERY downtown.

Owned by Lisa Mahar, Kid-O is as much an expression of how to properly raise a child as it is a store.

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Having grown out of a "mother’s dedication to creating a stimulating, aesthetic environment for her newborn son," Kid-O is:

inspired by modern learning theories, [and offers] products that encourage creativity, instill independence and a desire to accomplish, and help create a sense of self.

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Kid-O sells "play objects," books, artwork and nursery items, and represents designers and artists such as Enzo Mari, Harry Bertoia, Kay Bojesen, and Ray and Charles Eames. Montessori and Froebel educational items can also be found. (Thanks, Masha!)

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(Re-edited from 2004-10-04 - MGR)

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