On April 6, Jewish families all over the world will gather around tables for the Passover seder. The seder plate has a place for six foods that symbolize the story of Exodus. Here are a few options for the kids, some to eat on and some for play.

1. Personalized Seder Plate by Charlotte and Mia ($36)
2. Seder Plate by Our Name is Mud ($23)
3. Happy Kids Seder Plate ($4.50)
4. Design Your Own Seder Plate ($12)
5. Felt Food Passover Seder Plate, Afikoman Set, and Wine and Cups by The Felted Pear ($75)

6. "Jewy-gurumi" plate knit by Haley of Frayed at the Edges (patterns posted on Ravelry)
7. Seder Play Set by KidKraft ($29.99)
8. Soft Seder Set with reusable pouch ($18)