Kids' Travel Activity Tray

Desert Chica Ramblings

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Whether you're headed out on a plane, train, or automobile, you're going to want to have plenty of activities for your kids. I'm ready to give up having the largest carry on in the cabin, though, so I'm looking for something compact, easily portable, and ideally light enough for a child to carry. Enter the Travel Activity Tray!

Karen at Desert Chica Ramblings came up with several versions of this kit, adding new and improved features. Using a small cookie sheet as the core element, she's devised a kit that includes Lego, whiteboards, letters and coloring sheets. Best of all, they are all magnetized so that everything sticks to the cookie sheet. No lost pieces or flying papers. You could customize the idea to include whatever activities your child likes best... or whatever will keep her busy for hours.

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(Image: Karen Heffren)

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