Kiki Sidetable

Kiki Sidetable

Janel Laban
Sep 19, 2006

A multipurpose bargain. Over at Design Boner, there is a post from Porcelain extolling the virtues of 2-in-1 products. We agree, especially for small spaces: dual functionality is key. We have something to add to the list: this combination sidetable and swanky removable drinks tray for only $48.

The Kiki sidetable has super seventies style: a floating smoked acrylic cocktail tray atop a simple chrome cube.

It's light, modern and sized for apartments (16"x17"). Perfect for next to an iconic chair or at both ends of a more sedate sofa, you could swing doing multiples at this price. How about as nightstands? The tray style top would corral in the odds and ends that accumulate.

Kiki table ($48) available at Chiasso.

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