Kikkerland Charging Station

There is no other way to put it-- we live on our phones. We use them as encyclopedias, directories, maps, calendars, etc. Because we are always on our phones, we are also always looking for electrical outlets at which to charge our mobile devices. But let's be honest, if there are two people with phones in your household, areas around your charger quickly become one big tangled mess.

And that is why the Kikkerland Charging Station is so appealing-- this cute charging station conveniently hides unsightly electrical cords, without jeopardizing your style. The station is simple, clean and modern-- it will look just as great while charging your electrical devices, as it does when it's not serving any function. Plus, this station couldn't be any cheaper (a very nice $30). Buy it for yourself, or purchase it for the cute nerd in your life.