Kimberly's "Perfect Neutrals" Room


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Saint Petersburg, FL
Inspiration for my palette:
I wanted a moody, dark-but-not-too-dark color that would pair well with beige, which is the color of my bathroom tiles.
Colors used in my room
I used Medium Gray from Ace Hardware. I picked it on a whim and actually really love it. It's not too blue, green, or brown. It's a very neutral gray, which is sometimes hard to find.
Tips for using color successfully
Go with your gut! After all, it's only paint and can be painted over. I've had numerous people tell me that the color I chose was boring. My husband definitely wasn't sold on painting our bathroom gray but gave me the go ahead anyway. Turns out, he loves the color! Instead of trying to please everyone with your color choices, just go with what you feel is best and don't be scared to take a little risk.
Perfect Neutrals

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