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Bronxville, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
I knew i wanted a bold pink room-- originally my plan was to paint the entire room this "crushed berry" color. Once I found this fainting couch in hot pink and learned i could customize it, I knew putting it against the pink walls would be too much. The room revolves around my pink accent wall and I couldn't be happier with the result! My living room is my largest room in my apartment. I wanted it to be bright and welcoming without being too overpowering. I purchased this Betsey Johnson artwork from her personal studio when it was closing which also helped me to see how this pink ties in with other colors. The whole room is definitely very Betsey!
Colors used in my room:
The colors i have used in my living room are hot pink (crushed berry), various shades of gray/blue and yellow/gold.
Tips for using color successfully:
My best tip? Don't be afraid! Everyone tried to tame me and talk me out of my color choices-- now they are all telling me how wonderful it looks! I knew if I didn't like it I could always paint over it-- nothing is permanent, so why not try?
Very Betsey