Kimber's Warm, Modern & Practical

Kimber's Warm, Modern & Practical

Kimber Watson
Jun 28, 2012

Last week I put together a dream living room that will probably never come to fruition. It was based entirely around my desire of owning a blue velvet sofa. Since that's out of the question (Curious as to why? Read prior post here), but a new leather couch is in my distant future, I thought this would be a fun exercise to repeat based on that premise.

This time around it's still a bit of fantasy (hello gorgeous Malm fireplace and ridiculously expensive couch, I'm talking to you!), but stemmed from the reality that as long as I'm a dog owner, it's only leather sofas for me.

1. Draper's Cabinetry, Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog, $3,495.
2. Score + Solder Quartz Terrarium, Old Faithful Shop, $140.
3. Artemis Ceiling Fan with Light by Minka Aire, Lumens, $549.95 - $1,199.95.
4. Bridge, 1964 from the Chevron Series by Kenneth Noland, The Farnsworth Art Museum.
5. Patrizia Sofa, Anthropologie, $5,998.
6. Malm Fireplace, Design Within Reach, $1500.
7. Beni Ourain Handwoven Wool Carpets, Imports from Marrakesh, $850.
8. La Gardo Tackett Planter with Walnut Stand, Architectural Pottery, $190.

(Images: Collage by Kimber Watson; Images as linked above.)

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