Kim's Cure: Kitchen Cleanup, Fresh Flowers & Dinner

Liveblogging the January Cure

When I saw what the assignment was for this weekend, my first thought was that I had better clear some room in my schedule. While my kitchen (if you can call it that) is tiny, it poses a few challenges that might not crop up in one with more space:

For one, it is completely open to my living area. More specifically, it consists of a row of appliances, a few cupboards, and approximately three feet of counter space. Then inside of my cupboards and my fridge resemble a game of Tetris, so removing everything to clean them out can be especially challenging. Another downside of being open is that keeping the kitchen clean and clutter free (or neglecting to do so) directly impacts the look of my apartment as a whole.

After clearing everything out, scrubbing, reorganizing, and paring things down a bit, here is my end result.

For dinner I decided to stick with a simple comfort food: pasta with shrimp scampi.

And this is how I felt at the end of the day: tired but satisfied.

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(Image credits: Kim Lucian)