Kim's Cure: The Bathroom Reveal & Finishing Touches

Liveblogging the January Cure

While the January Cure can always feel like a bit of an undertaking, especially on top of an already busy schedule, if you've made it to this point you'll start to see what all the fuss is about.

My Cure "project" was to tackle my bathroom. Specifically, I wanted to fix this little annoyance and pick up a few accessories to dress things up and improve the flow overall. A couple weeks later and I'm happy to say I love the results. While I'm still on the hunt for a couple more pieces to round things out, specifically a shelf to hang above the toilet, a little stool or side table to fit in the unused space next to the tub, and a mirror or some artwork, here's what I have accomplished.

We picked up these storage crates on sale at CB2, just the right size to fit on top of the storage unit. This allowed us to move all of the towels, extra toilet paper, etc into the crates for a streamlined look, and opened up space to tuck all of the clutter that previously resided on top and around the unit inside.

Remember this? Me too. The too low towel rack was replaced with this one from Urban Outfitters, and dressed up with a pretty hand towel from Anthropologie.

I put together an inspiration board here, and decided that I wanted to bring a bit more of the feel of the rest of my space into the bathroom. I replaced my tired old bathmat with this rug, and love the style it brings to the room.

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(Image credits: Kim Lucian)