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San Francisco, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
In the eighties, my kitchen colors were black and white and pale pink – very Miami Vice retro-deco – but somehow this combination has stood the test of time for me, so much so that when I finally repainted a few years ago, I stuck to the original scheme (though I had shed along the way my Lu-Ray ceramics and other pastel accessories in favor of stronger colors). The dark-grouted white hex-tile floor has proven indestructible, and strangely it never really shows the dirt too much. The black cabinets around the stove had a gloss finish originally, but I jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon for the novelty and, though it’s not that big of a change, I will probably go back to gloss at some point, as it’s easier to care for. I love the way the black emphasizes my colorful collections of pottery and glass, as do the white-painted shelves on the opposite wall. Finally, I still adore the strawberry-ice-cream-pink painted plaster walls. Delicious -- perfect for a kitchen!
Colors used in my room:
Pale pink, black and white
Tips for using color successfully:
For me, the black and white is practical and classic for a kitchen, and the pink is icing on the cake. I toyed with the idea of changing the pink to a strong yellow or even red, and I think those both would have worked with the basic black and white, but in the end I stuck with the pink, just because I just love it. I think your emotional response to a color should definitely inform your paint choices.
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