Kinect Sports Season Two & Dance Central 2

Kinect Sports Season Two & Dance Central 2

Joelle Alcaidinho
Dec 16, 2011

Product: Kinect Sports Season Two
Price: $39.99 (currently on sale)
Rating: Recommend*

Product: Dance Central 2
Price: $49.99
Rating: Strong Recommend*

As we mentioned in our Xbox Holiday Preview post, the sequels to the best-selling Kinect Sports and Dance Central were on our list to review. Being big fans of the originals and having played the demos at events we could hardly wait to get them into the Test Lab. We are happy to report that the gameplay in both is better than ever and that we were pleasantly surprised by how well some new features work...

Both games are a fun time had by all and we give Kinect Sports Season Two a Recommend and Dance Central 2 a Strong Recommend rating. We've created the above chart to show some of the key info about both games at a glance, for a more detailed review of each game, see below.

Kinect Sports Season Two:
The biggest difference between this title and its predecessor is the sports. In Season Two there are tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing, and darts. There are also different levels in which you can play each of these sports as well as different modes. What this is means is that for someone like me who knows next to nothing about American football, I can play as a "Rookie" and with the "Coach's Playbook" to have the game suggest when I should call out exotic things like "Buttonhooks!"

Speaking of calling out, voice command is a very prominent feature in the new game. Surprisingly voice command works really well and the Kinect had zero trouble understanding us. You can use the voice command feature to do things like call out plays in football and change clubs in golf.