Kinetic Sand: Weird, Wacky, Wonderful Stuff!

Sand inside the house? You bet! Kinetic Sand looks like the real stuff, feels like the real stuff, moves through your fingers like the real stuff, and yet stays permanantly moldable and never makes mess! Sound incredible? For where to find it and what to do with it, read on!

1. Kinetic sand can be bought online, but your best bet for a deal is at your local art and craft store (think Michaels), with one of their regular coupons. A friend bought her sons 2 pounds in store using a coupon for under $10.

2. You'll need a tray to contain all your bits and bobs. Use any shallow dish or tray you have in the kitchen, even a shallow storage tub will do. If you want to get super fancy, educational stores carry the classroom-grade ones, like this one at Child Therapy Toys.

3. Now to get playing! Kinetic sand holds together well, and is perfect for sculpting into shapes. For the budding artist, why not give them a chance to put real clay sculpting tools to work? That's what Deb from Learn With Play At Home set up for her daughter.

4. Clay sculpting tools can also be found in your local art and craft store, or online like this beautiful set at Sculpture House.

5. Littler ones can use kinetic sand to practice their kitchen skills! Deb also used kinetic sand with knives, cups and bread to practise cutting and spreading.

6. No wooden bread in the house? Add some with this play toaster set from Haba, on Amazon.

7. Since kinetic sand keeps its shape, it holds defined lines well, which means it's also great for stamping or writing letters in. Try writing letters using a q-tip, a chopstick, a finger or, do as Kate from Picklebums did...

8. ...And stamp them with a kit like this one from Melissa and Doug, from

9. AT Reader Jen had these see-through geometric shapes she'd been using with her other favorite toy - her light box. Check out the incredible shapes they made!

10. You can make the same with your own geometric solids set from Learning Resources. They each have lids, that makes the solids fillable.

Have your own favorite thing to do with kinetic sand? Share it below!

(Image credits: Amazon; Child Therapy Toys; Learn With Play At Home; Sculpture House; Amazon; Picklebums;; Jen Anderson, used with permission; Learning Resources)