Kitchen Art: In the Mood for Food

Kitchen Art: In the Mood for Food

Alysha Findley
Nov 11, 2011

This time of year many of us find ourselves spending a bit more time in the kitchen than usual, be it to prepare for holiday meals, parties, gifts or just helping out…

I mean if you're gonna have to be in there anyway you might as well have something new and fun to look at that makes you smile, right? Here are a few fun prints that might help keep you cheery in the days and weeks ahead.

Top Row
1. Recipe Prints via Articipe.
2. 'The Cook Gets To Lick The Spoon' via Flourish Cafe.
3. 'I Love Coffee' via Bella Byte.
4. Jabberwocky Quote via Flourish Cafe.
5. 'Cook Often, Eat Well' via Anek.

Bottom Row
1. 'Seasoned With Love' via Vol 25.
2. 'You Spice Up My Life' via Handz.
3. 'Love You So' via Pragya K.

Images: As credited above.

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