Tell Us: What's Your Biggest Kitchen Design Mistake?

Arrrrrrggh. My neighbor redid her kitchen last year and is now annoyed that the cupboards in her island are on the side furthest from the oven. Whoever designed my kitchen crammed a big fridge into a too-small space. We had to buy a new fridge last year so that the door would open without banging the counters. Lately, I've learned kitchen mistakes are more pervasive than I thought they were.

In addition to my own story, I recently came across this helpful article by kitchen designer Scott Dresner on kitchen mistakes "everyone makes". His tips — such as ordering cabinets after you order appliances — are simple and useful. What about your kitchen? Are there design errors you'd change? Is the sink too far from the dishwasher? The cabinets a bit too trendy? Share your tips and thoughts below.

(Image credits: Shutterstock)