(Image credit: WS Workshop)

Marble countertops are huge right now, because they are divinely beautiful and will take your breath away. We often see marble (or at least light marbles like Calacatta and Carrara) installed in a nearly or completely all-white kitchen, where it has a certain luxurious radiance. But what about marble in a black kitchen? Now you've got something really interesting.

In the photo above, from WS Workshop via Inside Living, a luxurious, light marble is the perfect counterpart (pun intended?) to moody, minimalist black cabinets.

(Image credit: 24 Design Construction)

Here's another kitchen, from 24 Design Construction, where marble countertops pair beautifully with dark cabinets. Gold fixtures complete the look. The style of this kitchen is very traditional, but I love how the sharp color contrast gives it just a little bit of edge.

(Image credit: Shoot Factory)

Of course, you don't need to paint your whole kitchen black to get the effect. In this kitchen from Shoot Factory, a light marble makes a lovely pairing with a vintage-style black stove.

(Image credit: Shoot Factory)

I couldn't resist adding an overall shot of this kitchen. In addition to the black/white contrast, I'm intrigued by the balance between industrial/modern and vintage elements. The cabinets, light fixtures and general simplicity are all very modern, but the vintage-style stove and the marble give the kitchen just a bit of an old-world feel, so it seems at home in this big, beamed space. There's a sense of luxury, and of history, without the space feeling too heavy.

(Image credit: Traditional Home)

In this kitchen from Traditional Home (via Savor Home), marble gets punched up with just a bit of black, in the window frame. Bonus points for the way the subway tile wraps into the deep window opening. That's a nice detail.

(Image credit: Hecker Guthrie)

And finally, my very favorite of all these spaces — an incredibly elegant, light, modern kitchen, rendered lively with just the right amount of black from a black sink, black faucet (Dornbracht's Tara) and that gorgeous black lamp. From a Melbourne home designed by Hecker Guthrie (via Apartment 34).

(Image credit: Hecker Guthrie)

The starkness of black, the luxury of marble... it's a match made in heaven.